Wendy Marshall

Wendy Marshall – Former Registered Nurse – Unity Field Healing Practitioner – Journey ™ Practitioner – Certified Coach – Spiritual Director – Acudetox Specialist

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One of Wendy’s greatest joys is to support people on their path of healing and awakening. We do not travel alone…

As a holistic practitioner, Wendy honors the mind/body/spirit connection and gently guides her client’s innate ability to heal and transform.

Unity Field Healing is a new Energy Medicine modality that supports healing and “bio-spiritual” transformation. In the series of three sessions, the client deepens and strengthens the connection to their innate ability to heal and transform. UFH takes the field of Energy Medicine to a whole new level of understanding and potential! Traditional energy-based therapies work to transfer energy or clear energy blockages. UFH however works through the quantum field of energy of your personal DNA, and uses a quantum field light template known as the UFH Template, to re-calibrate an alignment with your deeper healing potential.

The experience involves relaxing on the treatment table to receive the energetic attunement and new alignment. More info: unityfieldhealing.com

The Journey ™ method is a guided meditation that addresses the root cause of virtually any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issue that the client is ready to present for healing. With ten years of experience, Wendy guides her clients to discover and clear out old cell memories and stuck emotion that may be causing physical disease or unhealthy tension or patterns that may be presently affecting their quality of life. Clients leave the session feeling lighter, clearer and empowered, having found their own answers within. More info: thejourneyna.com

Wendy is now receiving new clients at the Village Clinic.
Email: wendy.marshall@gmail.com
Phone: 613-322-3376

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