Susanne Lorius

Susanne Lorius – CranioSacral, Heilkunst, Homeopathy, Quantum Touch, DHHP and Yuen

Susanne Lorius

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Susanne is guiding her clients to start or continue their journey to health by using powerful yet gentle alternative therapies as valuable solutions. She feels rewarded in her work when witnessing her clients returning to her/his health, inner strength, and hope.Susanne’s enthusiasm in her work came from the insight that each person has the capacity for self-healing.This self-healing capacity can get compromised by traumatic events or chronic stress for example.  If the body’s naturally intricate balance is disrupted, it often requires assistance.In her desire to learn about alternative therapies that could exactly do this she started off her career in becoming a licensed physiotherapist in Germany.

Susanne knows from her training and experience that treating the root cause of a health issue in a holistic way is the only answer to re-initiate the self-healing process.

She is offering CranioSacral therapy, Heilkunst, Homeopathy, Quantum Touch, and Yuen therapy to trigger and support the body’s self-healing capacity. She combines those with her knowledge in Reflexology, Acupressure, Brain Gym, and Wave Form.

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