Katerina Pek

Katerina Pek MD (cz), RMT, NHC (Canada)

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Katerina Pek obtained her medical degree from Charles University in Prague. She worked as a physician in the Czech Republic for six years, specializing in internal medicine and rehabilitation.After coming to Canada, Katerina chose to focus her work entirely on rehabilitation and prevention. She has continued to broaden her knowledge and skills to include the most current and effective manual therapy techniques and natural healing methods from North America and Europe. She has worked as a Natural Health Counselor and a Registered Massage Therapist since 1989.Katerina Pek offers a unique multi-dimensional approach to promote well being in an efficient, effective and non-invasive way.OrthoKinetics stands for “correct” or “healthy” movement. It takes a global approach by dealing with your particular local injury or dysfunction to find their true roots.



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