Marie-Pierre Chaumont

Marie-Pierre Chaumont – Channeler

Marie-Pierre is a channeler has the great privilege of channeling an amazing team of Spirit Guides, thanks to her precious gifts.

Even though she is now living her best life, it was not always the case. Her (re)connection with her soul only came after a fight with cancer and a spectacular burnout, which led her to rethink and transform her whole life. She realized that she did not want to half live, anymore. She wanted a luminous, inspired, creative and fulfilling life, but it was up to her to make it happen.

As she transitioned toward a more fulfilling life, she discovered that she could channel messages from Spirit Guides and started to work with them in 2011.

She is now an inspirational speaker and the author of the book “Une vie lumineuse” (published in October 2018). She is also the host of the show “De lumière et d’être” on TV Rogers, a monthly guest on the show “Entre-nous” and on the radio show “Le bonheur qui mijote”.

Her greatest joy is helping others with her gifts, so they too, can live a luminous and fulfilling life.

To schedule an appointment via her virtual calendar, visit or call 613-791-8705.

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