Anne Driscoll

Anne Driscoll B.A.R.H. Traditional Herbalist

Anne Driscoll

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Anne is a traditional herbalist and a professional member of the Ontario Herbalist’s Association.  A long-time believer in the wisdom of the wild she has been in practice in the National Capitol region since 2006.

People, plants, and healing.

Her passion is working with herbs to support people in making meaningful changes to their lives.  As her clients move to a vibrant and healthy life herbs nourish and strengthen them.  Anne makes all the tinctures in her dispensary.  She works frequently those plants that are native/naturalized in our region.  She can often be found harvesting in the heart of the woods.  Her custom formulated fresh plant tinctures help her clients deal with health conditions such as

– anxiety and depression

– autoimmune disorder

– female reproductive system issues

– cardiovascular problems

and others.  She works to empower clients to make choices that support their health.

Anne knows that a deep connection to nature is healing in and of itself.  In addition to her one on one work with clients she also teaches workshops, leads plant walks, and is writing a book on the plant healers of the Ottawa region.

“For me the door to the woods is the door to the temple”

Mary Oliver

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